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Neil Frame
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your new home loan!

My name is Neil Frame, President of Peak Home Mortgage (PHM). We are a proud independent contractor with MAC5 Mortgage both based in Colorado. We offer dozens of resources to fit the specific needs you have for your home loan needs.

To get started all you need to do is click “Apply now” below and then setup an account. This will take you to the application. There are several pages to fill out so simply answer the questions and click "continue" to proceed. Once you are done you will submit the application which notifies us you are ready to proceed.

We will contact you soon after you have submitted the application to proceed to the “rates and approval” stage. We will need a few documents which we will list for you at that time. PHM and MAC5 are very good at getting the job done quickly and accurately so rest assured you will get a great rate and we’ll do a great job for you!

Again, thank you and we will talk to you soon. Should you have any questions or prefer to speak with us directly just call us at 303-526-9620.

Neil Frame

President, Peak Home Mortgage, LLC nframe@peakhomemortgage.com 303-526-9620

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